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ABC's of Breeding
Dr. Claudia Orlandi
Held on 3/11/2006

On what turned out to be a gorgeous spring day, Dr. Claudia Orlandi, who was under the weather, opened our minds to a new way of thinking when we breed again. She also really helped define and show us the illusive shoulder layback/angle mystery. With the help of some fabulous dogs provided by MKC members, Dr. Orlandi with her pipe cleaners and poster board triangles and a quick anatomy lesson really showed us how to find shoulder angle. Everyone got to try the method on some very patient dogs. It was truelly enlightening. I think everyone now has a better understanding into the genetics that goes into each and every breeding we do.

We had attendees from West Virginia and New York thanks to a listing with infodog.com. A wonderful lunch was catered by Queen Cuisine and an interesting continental breakfast was provided by Dave Crosby and me. Our thanks to all that helped in providing a wonderful education event hosted by MKC.


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